We believe the world would be a better place if our community worked together to make sure that:

We don’t just believe a world like that is possible – we are taking action to make it a reality.

That’s why our purpose is:
We connect to empower.

People with a disability

We connect different abilities to empower your independence and individuality.

Older people

We connect people and places to empower your choice, self-determination and quality of life.

Youth and communities

We connect people of all ages and walks of life to empower well-being and stronger relationships.



the ‘not so’ new kid on the block

the ‘not so’ new kid on the block

You may have known us as ‘Rozelle Neighbourhood Centre’? Yes, our name has now changed but it is still absolutely us!

We’ve been supporting our community here in Rozelle for over 40 years as the Rozelle Neighbourhood Centre, and plan to be here for many more years to come as together².

Why the change?

In the past few years we have been and expanding to much more than a neighbourhood centre, and are now able to drive wellbeing by supporting our community with disability, aged-care and community services. To help us do this, we needed a brand that was as unique as we are and as colourful, individual and inspirational as the people we work with every day.

Now we are even more ‘ourselves’ than we have ever been, and we have an exciting new brand that reflects our ethos of working together to make good things happen.

Here’s to the next 40-years of connecting to empower – together.

Get to know us and you’ll find we are:

Dynamically different

We have the courage to be creative and are brave enough to think differently. Our dynamic team is not afraid to challenge the status quo or think outside the box.

Inspiring individuality

We celebrate personality and embrace individuality, all capabilities and personal potential. We create and hold space for people with a variety of voices in our team and in the community.

Progressionist professionals

We deliver solutions that make a difference, and to do so we never stand still. We continuously build on our strengths and improve ourselves as individuals, a team and an organisation.

Passionately personal

We see the world from our client’s eyes, and each pair of eyes tells a different story. Our client’s aspirations and personality combined with our expertise will drive individualised solutions.

Positive promoters

We empower change by taking action and speaking up. We’re not preachers, we’re doers who share our experience, insights and thoughts.

Our team is your team

Steven Lowrie


Steven loves the Australian concept of a “Fair Go” and wants his work with together2 to enable people to have just that! Hailing from the North of England, a good Yorkshire Pudding with gravy is all it takes to make his day.

Aisling Scully

Service Delivery Manager

Marco De Angelis

Social Enterprise Manager

Covid 19 made a lot of people stop and reassess what was important in life, and Marco wants to be able to facilitate as many people as possible to feel good about themselves through his role at together2. Maybe even as good as he feels when he eats his Mum’s famous gnocchi!.

Gerrie Reynolds

Business Services Manager

Stella Bateman

Support Lead

A self-confessed cheese addict, the way to Stella’s heart is by giving her anything made with cheese (except Swiss!).

Damien Jones

Accommodation Manager

Wence Buenacosa

Support Lead

Wence wants to be able to have a positive impact in other people’s lives and be a contributing factor that bridges people to their goals – and the ability to stop time. Fewer deadlines and more time for bubble tea!

Akshti Sharma

Social Worker

Anything with chocolate makes Akshti’s heart melt, no wonder she has three cups of Mocha a day! Friends and family are what makes her happy and being able to make life better for older people so they can enjoy their lives at home; in peace.

Michael Marino

Coordinator, Voohc and Staffing

Nothing makes Michael happier than a sleep in – he dreams of the invention of teleportation so he can sleep more and commute less! Only one thing makes him happier… being able to give a hand up to people who want to move forward with their lives in his role at together2.

Yulika Silva

Community Projects Officer

Yulika wants to make the world a safer place by making connections, building trust and helping people to advocate for themselves. Her perfect day is spent with close friends and family, making her special hot chocolate (with brazilian chocolate powder and condensed milk) and dancing around the bonfire in her backyard until sunrise.

Alice Kristanti

NDIS Billing and Accounts Officer

If Alice had her wish, she would be Santa Claus so she could help people and make them happy – we like to think she is our own personal Mrs Claus here at together2. Family, being involved in the community and helping those in need makes her happy… plus any cutely-shaped dessert!

Maddison Ramadge

Administration Assistant

Maddison loves that we can make a direct and tangible difference to people through what we do at together2. Like Garfield, she also loves lasagne… and hates Mondays. But, since she became an aunty for the first time, nothing can get her down – not even Mondays!



A big thank you to our board members

Anita Paddock


Andrea Natoli

Vice Chairperson

Belinda Daly

Board Member

Peter Reed

Board Member

David Khuat

Board Member

Julie Mills

Board Member

Dr Rebecca Strutt

Board Member

Jane Cunningham

Board Member

Jeannette Schutter

Board Member

Ready to connect with the together² team?

If you want to increase your independence, stay connected to your community, get help with accessing services or find a place you belong that celebrates you in all your uniqueness – you are the reason we exist. Call us today or come in for a chat so we can get to know you – our door is always open.

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