What Do Community Centres Do – And How Do They Help?

We’ve talked about who community centres are for in one of our earlier blogs – so you already know that they (and we!) are created to be welcoming spaces for every single person in our community, from young to old.  At our community centres in Rozelle and Mort Bay, we have events and activities for […]

Share Your Skills, Connect With Others And Make A Difference – Volunteer With Us!

Together2, like many other organisations, owes a large part of our impact to our incredible volunteers!   From helping us run our community programs and activities, to providing much-needed support to our centres and the people we work with, our volunteers help us make a difference every day.   And volunteering doesn’t just help the […]

What does Disability Support Look Like at together2?

We like to think that we lead the pack when it comes to providing local Sydney disability services – because our services are based around who you are and what you want. It’s that simple.    Our approach? We create a package of support options that fit you, your lifestyle and the goals you want […]

The Life Changing Benefits Of A Community Approach To Aged Care

We don’t care how old or young you are, everyone needs to feel connected, have friends, social activities to do and a place to belong! People need people – otherwise, what is the point? And more than that – where is the fun?!    We believe in the power of connection – so this is […]

Who Are Community Centres For? (Hint – YOU!)

What do you picture when you hear the word ‘community centre’? Maybe it’s a dark, dingy hall. Platters of stale biscuits and awkward conversations with strangers…Maybe you think it’s only for seniors – or only for young people.

Creating Intergenerational Connections That Make A Difference!

Meet the together2 Intergenerational Program! This month we started a 4-week program to help promote social wellbeing for both youth and elderly in our local Rozelle community through a range of fun activities where everyone gets involved. Why? Because social isolation and its impact on wellbeing is a big deal and affects both young and […]

Meet Jack Thompson, Balmain local for 95 years

If you ever have the honour of meeting Jack, he’s one of the most cheeriest and active 95 year olds you will probably ever meet. He continues to play golf, regularly exercises and even wrote a Book ‘Jack’s Story’ to document his life in Balmain. His parents married in Campbell Street and he spent most of his childhood on Grove […]