Meet one of our local community workers – Luce Morley

1. Tell us about your role at together2

I work at together2 as a Support Worker. I joined the organisation when I was doing my work placement for my Certificate III in Community Services about 4 years ago. I started volunteering after that before I got the job. I was not expecting to get the job so I was really surprised when I got it.


2. What do you like most about working at together2?

What I like most is being able to work in a community based workplace that is focussed on human rights. I love that we are always learning things together and that we don’t have any barriers between the clients and the teams here. I also enjoy being involved in helping with community projects and being able to talk to people. It could just be one thing but that one thing really does change their lives, even if it’s a conversation.


3. What is your favourite engagement activity at together2?

There are so many activities that I enjoy at together2. I really enjoy interacting with other people and I think that every activity we do is fantastic. I do want to give a shout-out to the Pop Up Pantry because I started doing that when I was doing my work experience. It was a bit different back then, but it still has the same energy as when I first started.


4. Interesting facts about yourself?

An interesting fact about me is that I love to play music and I am teaching two adult students who are revisiting their English and Maths. It has been so rewarding teaching them because I have realised that I know more than I thought I knew and they have come a long way. Growing up with a rare disability called Williams Syndrome meant that in school I had lots of trouble with those subjects. In particular, music gave me a way of making up songs to deal with maths. Music is very important, not only in terms of Williams Syndrome but also to me. When I have trouble expressing something, I write a song and play the piano to help me express what I’m feeling. If you think of the song ‘Nothings Going To Stop Us Now’, that is how I feel about music. Music is a way of being able to express yourself.

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