The Life Changing Benefits Of A Community Approach To Aged Care

We don’t care how old or young you are, everyone needs to feel connected, have friends, social activities to do and a place to belong! People need people – otherwise, what is the point? And more than that – where is the fun?! 


We believe in the power of connection – so this is a huge part of our approach to providing our Aged Care services. 


Not sure what our Aged Services are?


Our together2 Aged Care Services


What do we do here? So glad you asked!


In short, we create a package of services and support solutions that allow you to stay in control of your choices, your schedule and your needs.


On the practical side, we’ll help you increase your independence through at-home services, driving you where you need to go or helping you make and keep appointments. The day-to-day life stuff.


And on the social side… We’ll help you stay healthy through taking you to activities, walks or exercise classes. And we’ll make sure you are connected to your community through things like our inter gen activities or the Belvoir theater bus, volunteering or anything else you can dream or do!


Our goal is simple. To empower you to achieve the quality of life you want – on your terms. 


And what improves the quality of life more than community!


You’ve probably realised that we are a little bit passionate about this – so let’s tell you a bit more about the actual benefits of staying connected as you age… 


The Real-Life Benefits of Community – for aging, mental health and more! 


Being around the community has many life-changing benefits for both aged care and mental health. As we age, social isolation and loneliness can become a significant issue, leading to a decline in mental and physical health. Let’s face it, it’s hard for anyone to stay motivated and positive if you are alone with nothing to do!


Also, as we get older, we may find it more difficult to participate in activities we once enjoyed or to maintain our social connections. That’s why we love being able to help provide driving and support services to keep people out and about. As for maintaining social connections, this is where the community can play a crucial role. So here are some of the biggest benefits that staying connected to your community can provide… 


Social Support


One of the most significant benefits of being around the community is the social support it provides. For older adults, social connections can provide a sense of purpose, belonging, and self-worth. When we feel connected to others, we are less likely to experience feelings of loneliness or depression. The community can provide a platform for older adults to interact with others and form new relationships. Community-based activities such as volunteering, group exercise classes, theater/movie groups, or book clubs can help create a sense of belonging and promote social interaction. We can create activities for you or take you to the ones you love – whatever suits you best.  


Sense of Purpose


In addition to social support, the community can also provide a sense of purpose for older adults. Many seniors may feel as though they have lost their sense of purpose or value in society. But there is SO much you can give and so many ways your community benefits when you get involved – just look at our inter gen activities and how valuable our youth participants found it! 


By participating in community-based activities, older adults can feel they are contributing to society and make a positive impact. If interacting with the youth isn’t your thing, maybe you can volunteer at a local food bank or animal shelter? We all feel the benefits when we give back. 


Physical Activity


This is an important one – staying fit and keeping moving! Exercise is essential for maintaining good physical and mental health, and there are many community activities and groups which offer ways to engage in physical activity with others. As we age, it can become more challenging to engage in physical activity, but community-based exercise classes can provide a safe and supportive environment for older adults to exercise. Exercise classes can also promote social interaction, making it easier for older adults to form new relationships. And to sweeten the deal, together2 will make getting there easy – personal chauffeur anyone? 


Access to Support & Resources


Finally, the community can help older adults access resources and support services. For example, places like the Rozelle Neighbourhood Centre or Mort Bay Community Room provide access to health and wellness programs, transportation services, and other resources that can enhance their quality of life. By being connected to the community, older adults can stay informed about available resources and services that can support their physical and mental health needs. Not just through talking to us, but to the people who are already using our services and can give you tips on what they love and what to try next! 


To wrap it up – because we could go on about the benefits for pages and pages more! – being around the community gives a huge amount of life-changing benefits for mental and physical health as we age. 


There is so much support available, through us and through your community, to keep doing what you love, staying active and building strong connections that will keep you feeling young!


Social support, a sense of purpose, physical activity, and access to resources can help improve your overall well-being – so when was the last time you engaged with your community? 


If you want to learn more about how we can help you do that on your terms, just get in touch with our lovely team for a chat! 


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