Who Are Community Centres For? (Hint – YOU!)

What do you picture when you hear the word ‘community centre’?

Maybe it’s a dark, dingy hall. Platters of stale biscuits and awkward conversations with strangers…Maybe you think it’s only for seniors – or only for young people. Or it’s just a building where events are sometimes held but you’ve never been because, well, it’s for other people – not for people like you.

Well, we have news for you! Community centres are for EVERYONE – and they are certainly not boring!

Experience the REAL meaning of Community…

At together2, we want to shatter the common misconceptions around community centres. For us, they are bright, fun, vibrant, and useful places dedicated to creating meaningful connections between neighbours, locals and people of all ages. They are places for activities like music, crafts, yoga, workshops and more. And also for doing homework, volunteering to make a difference to people in your own neighbourhood, drinking a coffee and making a friend.

In essence, it’s a place where everybody in a community can come and feel welcome, make connections and meet the interesting, diverse and wonderful people who live around them.

“Life doesn’t make any sense without interdependence. We need each other, and the sooner we learn that, the better for us all.” –Erik Erikson

In short – being social is good for you. That’s where community centres come in!

What happens at a together2 community centre?

We put on events for all ages, creeds, interests and abilities – what we offer is as varied and colourful as the community we live in…

Community BBQs
Outdoor Movie Nights
Parenting Workshops
Free Pantry Pop-Ups
Drumming Workshops
And more

Take your connections offline…and improve your life!

Feel like you only ever interact with people from behind a screen? That’s something that we are all experiencing – whatever age you are!

We all need human connection, it’s a fact. But we all need it in different ways, for some it’s a few words and smile with the checkout person while buying groceries, some need a long catch-up over coffee with a friend, some need to feel useful and valued by volunteering and making a difference… and for some, just doing a workout or class with a group can be enough.

But none of that is achieved from behind a phone!

How do you fill your ‘connection cup’ – and do you feel like you have enough?

Benefits of Social Connection

Improve mental health

It’s no secret that being isolated and lacking in connections with other people tends to make us feel down, lonely and unmotivated. Studies also show that it contributes to depression, insomnia, and cognitive decline. We weren’t made to live alone!

Live Longer

If you have a thriving community around you, people who are looking forward to seeing you and genuine connections, you want to get up every morning and keep your mind active and engaged. On the flipside, what’s the point of another day if you are only going to spend it alone again? That’s why social connection is critical to have a long and happy life.

Feel more fulfilled

When do you feel the happiest or the most fulfilled? Usually, it’s when we have connected with a good friend, laughed, cried, given advice, felt heard, or felt like we’ve had a positive impact on someone else. Being part of group activities, volunteering, or just having regular conversations and connections with other people creates a sense of community and meaning in our lives.

Enjoy your life more

What do you look forward to in your week?

Is it a catch-up with a friend? Your weekly yoga or exercise class? Learning something new in a workshop or class? Your volunteer shift at the local community centre? Having a schedule full of fun, interesting, and meaningful social events keeps life exciting!

We are big fans of the power of community centres to create connections. We see it happen every day – and would love you to get involved!

Your new favourite people could be living next door, across the street or around the corner… where better to meet them than at your local community centre?

Join us! Get in touch with us via email, give us a call, pop in to see us or check out our events page and come along to one that sparks your interest.

We are here for people like you!

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