Empowering you to achieve the quality of life you want – on your terms

Step into the driver’s seat of your life – how fast or far we go is up to you! In partnership, we’ll create a package of services and support solutions that allow you to stay in control of your choices, your schedule and your needs. From increasing your independence to creating social connections or simply getting to where you need to be; we can achieve it together.

We’ll support you to:

Increase independence

From remaining at home or keeping up your favourite hobbies, to connecting through social activities, you decide what you want to do and we’ll help make it happen – you’re in control. We’ll take you driving to appointments or take you shopping as you need.

Stay healthy

Try inter gen activities or the Belvoir theatre bus. We’ll enable you to stay active in a way that suits you while making sure you have in place all the support you need.

How do we work together?

Our goal is to deliver a solution that works – and that starts with you.

Meet together

To get started, we need to get to know you – and nothing beats an in-person coffee and chat at your place so we can introduce ourselves.

Plan together

Once we understand your needs, strengths and challenges, we will develop a support plan to help you live life your way.

Grow together

Nothing stays the same – which keeps life interesting! This is why we stay flexible and evolve our support with you, adapting along the way as your needs evolve.

Home Support (Domestic Assistance)

Maintain your independence and enjoy being at home. You do the tasks you want to do at home, and we will take care of the rest.

Our Domestic Assistance services are completely up to you – we can provide as much or as little support as you need to make staying at home easy, safe and enjoyable. From dishwashing, house cleaning, laundry or ironing, to meal preparation, shopping, gardening or mail collection, we will adapt our support to your changing lifestyle and needs.

Social Support

Keep your finger on the social pulse. From shopping to meeting friends or seeing a movie, we are here to help you stay connected.

Choose from our events and social activities, including monthly theatre excursions and social events, or be social on your own terms; we can drive you to the shopping centre and appointments, or have a coffee with you in your home or favourite cafe.

Flexible Respite

Rest and recharge while our qualified support workers take over your caregiver role for a while – you deserve it!

Being a primary caregiver round-the-clock is hard, so don’t be afraid to reach out if you need some additional support.

Your dedicated support worker will provide you with flexible support as you need it, taking over the role of the primary caregiver from 2 to 7 hours a day and handling all tasks; from meals and personal care to providing company while you have some time to recharge.

Worried about the costs involved?

Support services can be very expensive, especially in our area here in Sydney, so we understand that it might be a concern. We make sure to always take your budget into consideration when we create your plan.

Find your independence with at-home support that lets you be in control.

Contact our team today to discover how together² can empower you to live life on your terms.