Your safe place to find connection, community and real support

together² exists to empower connections and wellbeing within our community – it’s that simple.

Our Community Hub in the heart of Rozelle is open to everyone (and we mean everyone!) providing so much more than just a hot meal or cup of coffee. We are a safe space for every member in our community, to connect, feel at home and access the support you need. And that means you!

Food & More


Every Wednesday is a Breadnesday!

Come on in and pick up a loaf of fresh bread from 10am – 12pm. And stay for a cup of coffee or tea if you have time.

Pop-Up Pantry

We hold a pop-up pantry every second Friday from 12:30-2pm where anyone is welcome to grab some fresh fruit and veg – no questions asked. Have a cup of coffee and take what you need. You can also come in on Wednesday for our ‘Breadnesday’ and pick up a loaf of fresh bread from 10am – 12pm.

Need a little extra?

Talk to us about our Good in the Hood meals partnership or fill in the form here to go on our list for a tasty meal delivery every week.

Individual Support Services

Our motto is ‘connect to empower’. That means we get to know you, find out what you need and then support you to make it happen – together.

Accessing public housing, Counselling and mental health services

Service referrals: If there is another support service that you need, we’ll help you find it

Parenting Groups

Tuning in to Kids & Teens

Helping parents teach children the skills of emotional intelligence.

Emotional intelligence isn’t something they teach in schools – but boy is it a skill we need! This 6-week online course was developed to give you as parents the tools needed to help your kids understand and recognise their emotions and work through them to manage their behaviour. Learn how to emotionally connect with your kids so you can communicate better as a family and strengthen your relationships.

Youth Programs and Activities Section


Learn through music while marching to the beat of your drum. This free 8-week music program is for youth ages 9 – 25 and uses hand drumming as a form of behavioural therapy which is also fun! Build relationships, teamwork skills and resilience in a safe place through this dynamic and social program.


What better way is there to connect with your community than through volunteering!? Most of our activities are run by volunteers, so if you are a dynamic person who is passionate about people and using your time to make a difference – we want you on our team!

From two hours to four or more, there are so many ways you can get involved. Give us a call or drop in to have a chat.

Test our open-door policy, come in to see us any time!

We say it and we mean it. We all have moments when we need someone to help us out and help us up. If now is your moment, we are here for you.